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The By-law department administers and enforces legislation relating to animal control, parks, signs, smoking, fireworks, firearms, motorized snow vehicles, snow removal, as well as parking on all streets, fire routes and handicapped zones.

Legend for By-Laws
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Governance & Finance

Mandatory Face-Covering (By-Law No. 20-01) 

Chippewas of Rama First Nation Shkode Naakonigewin (Fire By-Law) (Enacted November 14, 2022, No. )

Chief Island Permit Area Regulation (Enacted August 30, 2021, No. 21-02)

Chief Island Bylaw (Enacted June 2021, By-law No. 21-02)

Chief Island Permitting Regulation (Enacted July 21, 2021, No. 21-02)

Emergency Response Bylaw (COVID Pandemic Procedure By-law No. 21-01)

Appointing a Chief Building Official Building Inspector and FP (Enacted August 2006; By-Law No. 06-07)

Appointment of Deputy Fire Chief (By-Law No.06-06)

Appointment of Fire Chief (Replaces By-Law-No. 80-15; By-Law No. 06-05)

Band Administrator (By-Law No. 2)

Business Licensing (By-Law No. 95-23)

Creating an Economic Development Committee (By-Law-79-9)

Creation of an Economic Development Commission (See Amending By-Law No. 7A & See-Related-By-Law-No.-79-9; By-Law No. 7)

Establishing a Community Recreation Committee and Community Recreation Program (By-Law No. 5)

Establish and Regulate a Fire Department (Replaces-By-Law-No.-80-14-and-82-19; By-Law No. 06-04)

Establishing and Regulating Fire Rescue Services (By-Law No. 15-01)

Establishment of a Community Centre (By-Law No. 3)

Fire Department Mutual Aid Services (By-Law No. 87-21)

Licensing of Taxis and Limousines on Reserve (Replaces By-Law-03-01; By-Law No. 02-04)

Payment of Services for Fire Protection, Police Protection, Garbage Collection and Road Maintenance (By-Law No. 79-12)

Protection, Preservation and Management of Furbearing Animals, Fish and Game (By-Law No. 6)

Public Entertainment, Parades and Festivals (By-Law No. 77-8)

Rama First Nation Cannabis Control (By-Law-No-19-01)

Regulation of Curfew (Replaces By-Law No. 1; By-Law-No.-1A)

Regulation of Parking on Reserve (By-Law No. 96-23)

Telephone Companies Taxation  (BCR-No.-476-1995-96-83)

Traffic Speed Limits (By-Law No. 88-22)


Animal Control (Replaces By-Law No. 80-13 and 03-02; By-Law No. 01-040)

Collection of Garbage and Waste (See related By-Law No. 4; By-Law No. 79-11)

Land Use and Development (By-Law No. 06-01)

Land Use and Development By-Law Amendment (By-Law-17-01)

Disposal of Garbage and Waste (See related By-Law No. 79-11; By-Law No. 4)

Survey and Allotment of Reserve Lands (Amends-By-Law-79-10-Land-Use-1; BCR No. 476-1996-97-15)


All-Terrain Vehicle Regulations (By-Law No. 13-01)

Anti-Smoking By-Law (Replaces By-Law No. 06-03; By-Law No. 20-01)

Archived By-Laws

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