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By-Law No. 21-01 (COVID Pandemic Procedures)


Official Rama By-Law Insignia

The By-law department administers and enforces legislation relating to animal control, parks, signs, smoking, fireworks, firearms, motorized snow vehicles, snow removal, as well as parking on all streets, fire routes and handicapped zones.


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Governance & Finance





Collection of Garbage and Waste (See related By-Law No. 4; By-Law No. 79-11)

Land Use and Development (By-Law No. 06-01)

Land Use and Development – By-Law Amendment (By-Law-17-01)

Disposal of Garbage and Waste (See related By-Law No. 79-11; By-Law No. 4)

Survey and Allotment of Reserve Lands (Amends-By-Law-79-10-Land-Use-1; BCR No. 476-1996-97-15)



All-Terrain Vehicle Regulations (By-Law No. 13-01)

Anti-Smoking By-Law (Replaces By-Law No. 06-03; By-Law No. 20-01)

Archived By-Laws

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