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Serving Our Community

Paramedicine is a relatively young profession, approximately 40 years young, therefore it is still very much an evolving profession. Since the 1980’s, it has been transitioning with expanding paramedic roles and clinical skill as well as the implementation of a community-based paramedic. With the increase in lower acuity calls, it is imperative for paramedics to become more active at the community level.

Rama First Nations Paramedic Services has remained on the cutting edge of our profession. We began by leading in “Community-Based” Paramedicine. Since we opened our doors, Rama Paramedic Services, in conjunction with the Rama Health Centre, have offered wellness checks on patients who have experienced an acute or chronic illness’ and have been released from the hospital. Generally, we will follow up with the patient in their home on a daily basis when the Rama Health Centre is closed or if the patient is requiring continued reassurance with their existing medical condition. The patient and community feel more confident which supports the return to daily life and functions more quickly providing the patient a better quality of life. Rama First Nation Paramedic Services is also proficient in working to increase clinical skills and expanding paramedic roles. We were one of the first services to offer PCP autonomous IV. This allows a PCP to initiate, monitor and treat with critical IV medications. Rama Paramedics are always eager to be part of clinical trials in order to improve the assessment and treatment of our patients. Rama First Nation’s management has also been proficient at providing our paramedics with the latest in technology and equipment as well as offering growth and development.

Future Plans

New Clinical Trials
New Automatic Stretches
New Auto Pulse
New Decaling
New Honour Guard

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