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Fire Rescue in the Community

Community Events

The Rama Fire Rescue Service is involved in a number of community events throughout the year. Each of these events provides an invaluable opportunity to give our department a chance to connect with members and guests.

We don’t just fight fires but provide a full emergency service to the community: emergency medical assistance, public education and fire safety inspections.

We participate in a number of city events such as Canada Day Celebrations, National First Nations Day, Annual Powwow, Remembrance Day, School BBQ’s, Summer Time Programs, Seniors Events, Food Drives, October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Movember, and other events organized by Rama Chief and Council.

Community Involvement

  • BBQ’s for School, Seniors and community
  • Organizers and stewards of Rama’s Remembrance Day Service
  • Colour Party for Rama Powwow
  • Movember (raising awareness for cancer)
  • October Pink T-Shirt Campaign for Breast Cancer
  • Adopt-A-Highway on Rama Road
  • Annual Food Drive
  • First Nations Day Parade
  • Provide Lake/Water Safety
  • Station Tours
  • School Visits
  • Daycare Visits
  • Smoke Alarm Program
  • Marine Support for Canoe Races on First Nations Day
  • First Aid/CPR training to community members and employees.

Station Tours

The Fire Department provides fire hall tours to preschool children and other youth groups such as the Rama elementary school, other First Nations and many levels of Government visitors. These tours provide the fire department with an invaluable opportunity to educate ‘high risk’ groups within our community.

During these tours, children are taught the importance of not playing with matches and lighters, knowing the sound of the smoke alarm and what to do if they hear it, and to ‘stop, drop and roll’ if their clothes catch on fire.

To arrange a tour, please call the Fire Captain at 705-325-3611, extension 1276.

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