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Rama Business

Creating Opportunities For Business Partnerships

The Chippewas of Rama First Nation (Rama) has been known as ‘the gathering place‘, where travelers journeyed to trade, to seek counsel or medicines, and attend great meetings. Today, it is home to Casino Rama, a tourism attraction that brings thousands of visitors to the area daily for gaming, shows, conventions, shopping and fine dining.

Rama radiates with the spirit that has made us a thriving community.
For centuries, our people have been leaders, entrepreneurs, artisans and harvesters.

The Seven Grandfather teachings passed down from the Creator are at the centre of community culture. These traditions form the backbone of a community that draws strength and inspiration from the past while preparing for its future. 

The community is approximately 90-minutes north of Toronto on almost 2,500 acres of land.
Guided by long-term community visioning which has built a sustainable economic foundation,
this provides members and area residents with employment close to home and services
for family living and recreation.    

Chief Ted Williams is part of a leadership that continues to work towards a community vision
that makes Rama the proud progressive First Nation it is today.

Over the past 20 years, employment, business opportunities and local services
have all grown in response to the tourism generated by Rama First Nation and Casino Rama.

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