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How To Become a Paramedic

Paramedics work both indoors and outdoors under a variety or weather conditions.

The work can be physically and emotionally demanding when treating and transporting patients, responding to emergencies or dealing with critically ill or injured individual patients. There are risks involved in being a paramedic such as physical injury and exposure to diseases, just to name a couple.

Requirements To Be A Paramedic

High school graduates must attend a recognized college paramedic program. Almost all programs are 15-24 months in length. In most programs you must ascertain an annual average in the program or 70-80% to remain in the program.

College program general requirements include:

· Current Standard First Aid Certificate
· Current CPR- Basic rescuer Level certificate
· Senior high school science i.e.; biology, chemistry (grade 11 or higher).  Check the program you are interested in for specifics
· Ontario Class F driver’s License
· Current immunizations
· Be communicable disease free
· Be physically fit and able to lift
· Possess good communication skills and be able to fluently read and write
· Be at least 18 yrs. old prior to employment

College Links

Primary Care Paramedic Courses in Ontario

Primary Care Paramedic Provincial Exam- A-EMCA

Upon completion of the college primary care paramedic program, graduates are eligible to write the A-EMCA examination (Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant). Candidates for the AEMCA must successfully pass the exam where a minimum of 70% is required to write the exam. College program on graduation will obtain the packages for their students for the AEMCA exam.

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