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Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness  

The Chippewas of Rama First Nation has developed and implemented plans to protect the community during emergencies. In partnership with local first responders, health organizations, social services, utilities and volunteer groups, the Rama First Nation Emergency Management Team constantly strives to improve our level of preparedness. The team works with leadership, addressing testing, training and updating to ensure that plans are ready for any emergency that occurs in our community. We can’t predict an emergency, however, we can all take positive steps to minimize the impact of any situation that comes our way by being prepared.

Make sure that you do  your part by making emergency plans for your household. This is especially true in 2020. Please follow all Health  Protocols recommended by the Rama Health Centre and public health authorities for your family’s protection.

Prepare your family in advance by preparing an emergency plan for your household.
Emergency Management Ontario has a checklist that you can use to make sure that your family is prepared. 

In Rama, you can access information about area emergency situations by listening to local radio and television stations, calling the Community Emergency Management line at (705) 330-3299 if it is an emergency situation located in our community, checking Rama’s Facebook, website and Twitter pages.  When a community emergency is declared, residents will be provided with information and direction as available.  Rama’s Community Emergency Plan is clickable below in red to view or download.

Rama Community Emergency Plan


The Emergency Management Act (EMA) mandates municipalities to be pro-active and consistent in their approach to Emergency Management.  Under the EMA, all municipalities in Ontario must develop an emergency management program and the council of the municipality shall by way of a by-law adopt the emergency management program.

To deal with community emergency situations, Rama First Nation staff members from key areas have been organized into an Emergency Operation Group (EOG). In the event of a community emergency, the EOG is dispatched to Rama First Nation’s Emergency Operations Centre, where the emergency situation is strategically managed to assist the on-scene emergency responders.

The Rama’s Emergency Operations Group are fully trained and able to deal with emergency situations. To assist members of the community with their own emergency preparedness efforts, the program includes a public education.

Emergency Management Team 

The Emergency Management Team mandates are to oversee and direct the implementation of emergency preparedness standards at the Essential, Enhanced and Comprehensive levels as outlined in the Framework for Community Emergency Management Plans to meet the deadlines required by the Emergency Management Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter E.9.

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