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Rama Paramedic Services

About Us

Rama Paramedic Services is dedicated to serving the community of Rama First Nation. When you, your family member, co-worker, friend, or a stranger on the street requires medical attention, immediately call 911 and request an ambulance.

We carry equipment and medications on our ambulances to treat a variety of medical conditions. We have oxygen for people who are short of breath, equipment to stabilize possible fractures of body parts, and medications to treat people with chest pain, low blood sugar, severe allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, and other medical conditions. We have the capability to start IVs in people who require fluids or medication administration.

Our ambulances are also equipped with defibrillators for people in cardiac arrest.

Our Mission

 To be innovative, strategic and effective in the provision of high quality pre-hospital care.

Vehicle Logo Symbolism

Aakoziiwdaabaan means ‘Sick Car’ 

The Eagle symbolically means that it watches over all, with it facing to the front of the truck it means that it is guiding us. The eagle flies highest and sends messages to our creator.

4 Feathers represents truth. The Feather Stem (middle) represents the road we walk on, sometimes we fall off but we can always brush the feathers back together.  When the feather hits the ground, it represents a fallen warrior. The curve in the feathers on our truck means we that can still save them, symbolic of them not fully reaching the ground.

Catchment Area

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