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Rama Departments

We employ approximately 450 staff throughout the administration
Programs are designed to address our community’s needs, from birth to elderly
They are available to individual members as well as the community as a whole

Rama First Nation programs are funded through both federal and provincial sources as well as own source revenues. We offer over 50 programs and services to our members with about twenty in the health care field alone. 

As leadership, we work hard to ensure that our members are well informed on all aspects of our government programs and services, governance issues such as land claims, residential school developments including the Truth and Reconciliation process. Our programs offer support and caring for individuals and generations  recovering from the trauma caused by some of these historic events.

We have an active Recreation Department with programs including sports and recreation activities to promote healthy lifestyles. These programs are designed for all ages and, in many cases, serve as a catalyst for bringing our membership together. During the March break, Rama sends a number of teams to the Little Native Hockey League Tournament (Little NHL), an annual tournament which attracts First Nations from throughout the province. This marquis event brings our community together, in spirit and in fact, as many take the week to sit rink side and cheer our young people on. This participation is possible with many in the community stepping forward as volunteer coaches, trainers and team managers.

We have regular community meetings addressing administrative updates,  special initiatives, programs and financial reporting, a monthly community newsletter, website and social media sites for our members. Chief and Council are available to members to talk about issues, assist in connecting them to resources in the Administration and with external services.

The Administration provides a range of services to the community including:

  • Education: Elementary, Secondary and Post-Secondary, Early Childhood Education
  • Health and Social Services
  • Seniors Administration and Extended Care
  • First Nation Public Library
  • Cultural Research and Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Economic Development
  • By-law
  • Emergency Management: Police, Fire, EMS, Security
  • Public Works, Water, Wastewater, Waste Management
  • Housing
  • Lands Management and Membership
  • Recreation
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