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Wildland Fire Information

Low – Gaawiin Niizaansinoon

Ignition of forest fuels will be difficult and spread potential is limited. 

Medium – Bangii Niizaanad

Grasses, dry branches will easily ignite. Spread to adjacent fuels would be slow.
Control of fire may be difficult.

High – Aapjigo Niizaanad

Fires for cooking will be allowed. Most forest fuels will ignite easily and spread rapidly.
Control would be difficult.

Extreme – Gichi Niizaanad

Restrictions will be in effect. No open burning allowed.
The forest fuels are dry and explosive. Sparks will ignite fuels easily
and spread would be rapid; virtually impossible to control.

Fire Ban – Gego Shkode

Fire ban means a prohibition on the use of Shkode (fire), fireworks,
and Gchi-twaa Shkode (Ceremonial fires)
for the purpose of preventing uncontrolled fires,
as Determined by the Fire Chief of the Rama Fire & Rescue Service
in accordance with their duties with By-Law no. 15-10.

Rama Fire has two types of permits in regards to fire, one for controlled burns and the second is for fireworks. Both of these permits are regulated by the Rama First Nation fire By-Law Shkode Naakonigewin. Please contact Fire Chief Jeremy Parkin to obtain a permit.

For further information refer to Rama First Nations fire by-law located in the member only site.

Additional Resources

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