​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Lands and Membership​

Lands and Membership Services 

The Lands program covers land holdings, surveys, mapping, legal lot descriptions, document preparation, registering interests, on-line access to Indian Lands Registry System and record keeping.   Lease payments, rent reviews and insurance notices are tracked for leases.   

The Indian Registry System is controlled and maintained by Aboriginal Affairs.   We provide information and proper documents in order for them to make changes, such as births, marriages and deaths.   We provide a variety of application forms, such as Certificate of Indian Status card, Secure Certificate of Status and gas cards.

While addressing in-house policies of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, these programs are still subject to follow Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) policies, procedures, directives and administrative e-manuals in all respects.

Lands Management

Some of the most common topics include:

  • Land availability
  • Lease  or  permit
  • Registration matters with Indian Lands Registry
  • Co-ordination of new surveys, quotes
  • Maps and RSO plans
  • Legal lot descriptions or abstract pages
  • Verification of on-reserve residence for tax exemption letter
  • Preparation of documents, signing, witnessing
  • Preparation of registration packages to Indian Lands Registry
  • Distribution of registered documents and filing

 Indian Registry Services 
Some of the most common inquiries include:

  • Obtain new or renewal of status card
  • Report lost status card
  • Application for gas card
  • Application for entitlement for status, sent to Aboriginal Affairs
  • Transfer of status
  • What is needed to report birth, marriage, death

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Ngii Waabmaa "I Saw"

Restoring our traditional knowledge as Anishinaabe people was identified in the 2015 Community Visioning. This project, NGII WAABMAA "I Saw" aims to help us deepen and strengthen our relationship to the land and waters in our territory by helping encouraging us to be on the land and to report what we see for the benefit of all.

It is helpful to map our sightings in order to create a database of who and what we share our territory with, to help determine and predict trends, and to mitigate potential problems in the future. Therefore any and all siting's reported are important.  Sightings can include wildlife, edible plants and medicines.

​​R​ecord your sightings by click on this link.

If you have any difficulties in recording your sightings, please contact Sharday James at 705-325-3611 ext. 1633.​​ ADDRESS CHANGE FORM

Change of Address.docx

Identification requirements for Indian Status Card renewal. Only one status card per person is allowed to be issued within a six month period as per Indian Act rules.

2 pieces of identification
1 piece of identification and 1 guarantor form

Acceptable Identification includes:                    Unacceptable identification includes:
Drivers Licence                                                                  Social Insurance Card                                  
Health Card                                                                         Photocopy of identification
Birth Certification                                                            Bank Card                                                    
Firearms Licence                                                               Expired Card (6 Months or greater)                                                   
Provincial Identification
Student Identification
Nexus Card (Counts as 2 pieces)
Passport (counts as 2 pieces)

Indian Status cards cannot be processed without proper identification. 

Rama Land Code

Message from Chief and Council​

​​ Click below for more information about the Rama Land Code vote.

Message from Chief and Council.pdf                                                        

Rama First Nation CRP.pdf

First Nations Land Management Act.pdf                                               

Framework Agreement.pdf

FNLM Act Summary.pdf                                                                                    

Framework Agreement Summary.pdf

Rama First Nation Land Code.pdf                                                               

Rama Land Code Summary.pdf

Individual Agreement.pdf                                                                               

Individual Agreement Summary.PDF

Lands and Membership is located on the first  floor of the Administration office located at:

5884 Rama Road, Suite 200, Rama, Ontario L3V 6H6​​​

Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

For Inquiries: lands@ramafirstnation.ca

Barbara Simcoe, Lands Coordinator                                         Gina Genno​, Membership Clerk

Phone (705) 325-3611, ext. 1518                                               Phone (705) 325-3611, ext. 1520                  

Fax (705) 325-9664                                                                              Fax (705) 325-9664