​​​​​​​Facilities and Operations


Facilities & Operations oversees the construction and maintenance of all buildings, homes, infrastructure and grounds.  The mandate is to ensure all assets and infrastructure are maintained and constructed to high standards as determined by Chief & Council.

Key Functions

  • Management of Housing Programs and Funding.
  • Maintenance of Band Owned Housing, Buildings & Infrastructure.
  • Implementation of Construction and major maintenance projects (ACRS, OLG).
  • Operation & Maintenance of Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities & Infrastructure.
  • Road maintenance and snow removal operations including Casino Rama.
  • Issuing of Building Permits and monitoring of Casino projects.
  • Scheduling and issuing of Permits for public facilities and parks.
  • Security, By Law, and Risk Management of Community and Facilities.
  • Land-use Planning, Mapping and Development of By-laws.
  • Environmental Compliance.

Facilities & Operations is made up of distinct departments that collaborate to create one fully functioning department. These departments are:

  • Housing
  • MASK Arena
  • Public Works
  • Security
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment
  • Operations
  • Building Inspections Department

To inquire about renting one of Rama's facilities, please see the table located under Business.

For more information about Facilities and Operations, please contact:

Dan Shilling, Acting Director of Facilities and Operations

Phone (705) 325-3611 

Fax (705) 327-7697

dans@ramafirstnation.ca ​or facilities@ramafirstnation.ca