The Communications Department serves to keep our members informed.  There are many events and activities ​going on in and around Rama First Nation of interest to members who  live on and off reserve. 

We are a dedicated team providing photography, videography, presentation development, brochure,  flyer and storytelling.  The department  is involved throughout the administration, working with other departments, to assist them in communicating across our multi-media network.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Ngii Waabmaa "I Saw"

Restoring our traditional knowledge as Anishinaabe people was identified in the 2015 Community Visioning. This project, NGII WAABMAA "I Saw" aims to help us deepen and strengthen our relationship to the land and waters in our territory by helping encouraging us to be on the land and to report what we see for the benefit of all.

It is helpful to map our sightings in order to create a database of who and what we share our territory with, to help determine and predict trends, and to mitigate potential problems in the future. Therefore any and all siting's reported are important.  Sightings can include wildlife, edible plants and medicines.

​ R​ecord your sightings by click on this link.

If you have any difficulties in recording your sightings, please contact Shawna McKenzie at 705-325-3611 ext. 1633.

 Department Services include:   

Ojibway Times, Community Information, Event Coverage

Information Campaigns/ Community Outreach

Community Updates: Community Consultation Worker

Multi-media: Information Videos, Webcasting, Social Media

Digital Community Information Screens

Website Management

Technical Support for Chief and Council

Negotiation and Treaty Table Support

Media Management 

Ojibway Times

Submissions to the Ojibway Times are due during the third week of each month and can be made to  We welcome your pictures and flyers about events of interest to our members.  Our goal is to publish on the first of each month but this is not always possible.  

Please contact:

Cathy Edney, Communications Manager or 705-325-3611 ext. 1416